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Introducing Level Up with Crossplane, presented by Upbound

Are you building a platform with Crossplane control planes? Are you looking to go deeper with Crossplane compositions, testing, or functions? Level Up with Crossplane, presented by Upbound, will serve as your guide!

Welcome platform engineers to the world of Crossplane control planes

Today we announce a new event for the community all about Crossplane and platform building, designed for you to level up your expertise with Crossplane. Level Up with Crossplane, presented by Upbound is designed for platform engineers, DevOps, SREs, and open-source aficionados who want to upskill their control plane game. With talks, how-tos, and tutorials designed for beginners to intermediate experience levels and even further, attendees will build their expertise to the next level with Crossplane. These events will also include case study stories, Q&A sessions, and more, so participants come away with real-world, actionable advice to build platforms with confidence.

The first event will be live online on Tuesday, May 7. It will include two hours of informative sessions, including what’s new with the Crossplane 1.15 release, a hands-on tutorial on implementing a composition, a how-to on Crossplane testing, a deep dive into how CRD versioning works, and more. Registration is now open for the first event on May 7 at 4 PM CEST.


Register for the May 7 event to join the community for these talks and tutorials at Level Up with Crossplane.

  • 4:00 PM CEST (5 minutes): Intro with host Viktor Farcic, developer advocate.
  • 4:05 PM CEST (15 minutes): What’s new with Crossplane 1.15 with Philippe Scorsolini, senior software engineer and Crossplane maintainer. Released in February, this latest Crossplane release refined the command line interface (CLI) and introduced functionality that streamlines the development of cloud infrastructure within the control plane paradigm. Updates to composition functions, a new Python SDK, and other improvements will be shared in this brief overview with one of the project leaders. And, catch a little preview to Crossplane 1.16.
  • 4:20 PM CEST (25 minutes): Take your Crossplane skills to the next level: A hands-on tutorial implementing a composition with functions with Philippe. In this interactive workshop, we will guide you through how to develop a Crossplane composition using new features in the crossplane CLI and building a Composition Functions pipeline.
  • 4:45 PM CEST (25 minutes): Tutorial: Crossplane testing patterns by Steven Borrelli, principal solutions architect, and Yury Tsarev, principal solutions architect. Steven will demonstrate how to accelerate Composition development using Crossplane’s render and validate CLI options. Yury will demonstrate uptest, an end-to-end testing framework, and discuss the road to uptest 1.0. Learn techniques and tools for testing Crossplane Compositions from developer desktop to CI integration.
  • 5:10 PM CEST (25 minutes): How to break your APIs without breaking your users and how CRD versioning works by David Murphy, principal solutions engineer. Crossplane enables organizations to create a cloud native platform using Composite Resource Definitions and Compositions. This talk will go through the distinct versioning methods for these resources. Understand how to make non-breaking changes and handle breaking changes as your platform evolves.
  • 5:35 PM CEST (15 minutes): What’s new with Upbound by David. Upbound’s platform is powered by Crossplane. Learn more about using Upbound and its latest features to take Crossplane to the next level for managing multiple control planes at enterprise scale.
  • 5:50 PM CEST (10 minutes): Q&A and wrap up.

In appreciation to the community for joining us at the live event, the first 50 attendees who request it will receive a pair of limited-edition Crossplane socks! (Terms and conditions apply.)

We welcome Crossplane users and experts to join us at this event and stay up to date on future Level Up with Crossplane events.

Speak at a Future Event

Would you like to speak at a future Level Up with Crossplane? Submit your talk idea and interest.

Register for Level Up with Crossplane

Engage with the Crossplane community and Upbound experts who will teach you what’s new with Crossplane and how to go from provisioning to production to scale. Stay up to date on future events and sign up to attend the free online event on May 7 at 4 PM CEST.