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[CNCF Hosted] Crossplane Observability &Traceability for Effective Multi-Cloud Management

This session originally occurred at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024 in Paris, hosted by the CNCF. It is posted and lives on their YouTube channel here.

Crossplane Observability &Traceability for Effective Multi-Cloud Management - Katharina Sick, Dynatrace & Viktor Farcic, Upbound
Companies adopting cloud-native technologies increasingly use declarative definitions of cloud infrastructure. This shift offers excellent scalability, flexibility and agility opportunities, but also comes with challenges: What if resource creation takes longer than expected? What if resources fail to materialize at all? How to identify problems and potential performance optimizations?

The answer lies in a familiar strategy: as in software development, we can address these challenges through instrumentation and leveraging observability data to uncover patterns, pinpoint root causes, and drive informed optimizations. Join to learn how to answer those questions using existing metrics, logs and distributed traces emitted by tools like Crossplane, a popular open source CNCF project. 

About the Author

Creator of the DevOps Toolkit Youtube Channel, Viktor is a popular developer advocate passionate about helping you learn the tools and the processes that you should be using and applying in your day-to-day job.

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