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Getting Started with Crossplane Providers and Managed Resources

Get started with Crossplane providers and managed resources to extend Crossplane capabilities with ease.

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Take an introduction and deep dive into Crossplane providers and managed resources to explore how Crossplane providers work and how they extend Kubernetes capabilities with custom resource definitions (CRDs) and controllers.

Author and Crossplane expert Viktor Farcic will help you learn about:

Exploring Providers: Detailed look into Crossplane providers, how to install them, and manage resources.

Managing Real Resources: Learn to create and manage real cloud resources such as VMs on your preferred hyperscaler (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

Discovering Hands-On Examples: Practical examples of managing resources in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud using Crossplane.

This is part 1 of 3 of Viktor's getting started series, sourced from his book, Crossplane: The Cloud Native Control Plane.

About the Author

Creator of the DevOps Toolkit Youtube Channel, Viktor is a popular developer advocate passionate about helping you learn the tools and the processes that you should be using and applying in your day-to-day job.

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