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New from Upbound: Crossplane configuration explorer, Spaces 1.5, and more

This month’s product feature roundup is here. This update covers new features available today in the Upbound console, improved in-package resource search in the marketplace, and new features shipping in the core of the Upbound platform with Spaces 1.5. Let’s get started!

New XRM Explorer

One of highlights of the Upbound Console is the control plane explorer, an ops command and control center for the managed control planes running in Upbound. We’ve enhanced the control plane explorer with new views to help users understand, explore, and debug the core types that make up the Crossplane Resource Model (XRM).

Using these new views, users can view the different Crossplane package types installable on their control planes (providers, configurations, and functions). Users can also view their user-defined composite resource types installed on your control plane: Composite Resource Definitions (XRDs)--the schema of a particular resource abstraction– and compositions–their resultant implementation in Crossplane. Viewing events and the resource manifests for each of these types are useful areas to explore when debugging a control plane.

Resource search in the marketplace

The Upbound Marketplace is the go-to hub for both Upbound customers and Crossplane community users to discover and use packages in Crossplane. Marketplace is also a common resource to reference when building new compositions with Crossplane because of its API usage docs and examples.

We’ve introduced a new search function to enable users to search for resources contained in different Crossplane provider packages.

Use the search option “Search in-package resources” to transform the query to look inside the available Crossplane providers on the marketplace. This lets you search for things like database or virtual machine and see the managed resource definitions directly, sourced from Crossplane providers which offer that resource type.

Spaces 1.5 available today

Continuing on our monthly release cadence, Spaces software v1.5.0 was released on July 1st. In addition to a number of bug fixes, this release contains two highlights:

  1. Coinciding with this release of Spaces, users can use the new up alpha space mirror CLI command to discover the complete list of images and tags for a given release of Spaces and download them. This allows users to easily push all the components required to perform a deployment of a self-hosted Space to a network-isolated environment.
  2. Observability functionality is now available at a Space-level, to help users operate the administrative components you need to run when you choose to deploy a single-tenant self-hosted Space. You can learn more about it by visiting our docs.

Upgrade your Spaces installation today to get these capabilities.

See These Updates in Action

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