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Drive Developer Self-service using an Internal Developer Platform

Offering developer self-service is the holy grail for many organizations seeking to drive developer productivity. But how to do this?

You need to set up the ability to support developers in creating new services, applications, or even infrastructure. You then need to think about abstracting information to developers, to reduce cognitive load and provide them with the information they need.

This is especially important when K8s is involved since most developers need help dealing with it.

Explore how to form a platform with Kubernetes, in conjunction with Crossplane Control Planes, and how Crossplane can extend the capabilities of Kubernetes. You’ll learn to create the basics of the platform and connect it to Port, acting as an internal developer portal. In the portal, we show what a self-service action is, how to think about the software catalog, and how to drive standards using scorecards, using cost as an example.

About the Author

Sam's a Product Manager. She's spent many years working in product and strategy in the open source world and now helps platform teams build internal cloud platforms with amazing developer experiences.

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