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3 Steps to Start Operating Crossplane at Scale with Upbound

The folks at Upbound have made getting started with Crossplane easier than ever. If you're interested in a managed Crossplane experience, operating Crossplane at scale, or are looking for a better way to build your own cloud platform, Upbound is here for you.

Your first step in becoming an Upbound expert is checking out our streamlined QuickStart docs. In this blog, we'll walk through the QuickStart and help you get your first managed control plane up and running.

Why choose Upbound

Upbound offers a streamlined way to manage Crossplane, taking care of the underlying infrastructure and lifecycle management of a traditional deployment. This means you can focus on using Crossplane without getting bogged down by the operational toil. Whether you want to run control planes in  Upbound Cloud or in your own cloud environment, Upbound simplifies the process.

By choosing Upbound, you not only simplify your Crossplane ops but also benefit from enhanced security, scalability, and reliability. Upbound’s managed control planes are designed to scale effortlessly with your needs, ensuring that your applications run smoothly even as your business grows.

To get started, all you need is an Upbound account and the up CLI.

Upbound offers a free 30 day trial for you to get up and running.

Deploy your first control plane

After you create your trial account, our interactive demo walks you through the entire control plane creation process.

The up CLI allows you to login to the organization you just created.


Create a managed control plane:


The up ctx command  configures your CLI to communicate with a managed control plane's API server.


This login process allows you to manage your control planes from anywhere for added flexibility and convenience.

Create a Resource

Upbound Configuration packages make creating your first resource as easy as cloning a repository. The configuration-getting-started package uses a no-op provider, which creates fake resources that represent resources you would see in a real cloud deployment.

Once you connect to your control plane, you can install pre-packaged configurations directly to your managed control plane.


Configurations can contain multiple resource types you can deploy based on predefined compositions. Below is an example of a single managed network resource deployment:


Next steps

Getting started with Upbound is just the beginning. Explore our documentation, join the Crossplane Slack, and checkout the Crossplane configuration documentation to master control plane deployments.

Sign up for a free trial and take full advantage of what Upbound has to offer!

If you’re still considering whether or not to use Upbound, our very own Principal Product Manager, Craig Wilhite, explains its benefits (on top of OSS Crossplane) in his latest webinar here.