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Inside Kubernetes, Outside the Box: Gaining Visibility into the Whole Platform with Crossplane

During this session, we'll explore how Kubernetes, in conjunction with Crossplane Control Planes, can be leveraged for enhanced system visibility and management. As Kubernetes continues to be a key player in building Internal Developer Platforms, understanding its full potential becomes crucial. We will delve into how Crossplane can extend the capabilities of Kubernetes, allowing us to observe and manage both the control and data planes effectively. This includes a comprehensive view of the internal dynamics of the Kubernetes cluster as well as the external infrastructure it manages. Throughout the session, we'll provide practical insights and techniques for using Kubernetes and Crossplane Control Planes to better understand and control your entire system.

Learning Objectives:

- Experience a live demonstration of using Prometheus for data collection and analysis, displaying essential metrics in Grafana, uncovering valuable logs with Loki, and efficiently tracking Kubernetes events.

- Understand how Crossplane Control Planes can enhance the functionality of Kubernetes in managing complex systems. - Gain insights into monitoring both the control and data planes within the Kubernetes environment for complete system awareness.

- Learn how to use Prometheus for gathering system metrics and analyzing this data for actionable insights.