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[DevOps Toolkit Hosted] Getting Started with Crossplane: A Glimpse Into the Future | Tutorial (Part 1)

This video is originally published on the DevOps Toolkit channel, created and hosted by Viktor Farcic.

This video is the first part of a series visualizing an eBook, available here.

In this introductory video, "Getting Started with Crossplane: A Glimpse Into the Future", we lay the foundation for creating and managing cloud infrastructure in a cloud-agnostic manner using Kubernetes and Crossplane. Whether you're a DevOps enthusiast, a cloud engineer, or a software developer, you'll discover how to unleash the full potential of Crossplane to orchestrate your environment seamlessly.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a clear understanding of some of Crossplane's capabilities, and you'll be ready to dive deeper all aspects of Crossplane as well as its integration with the Kubernetes ecosystem in the upcoming videos of this series. Part 2 builds upon this foundation, exploring more intricate configurations and diving into Crossplane's powerful composition features. 

About the Author

Creator of the DevOps Toolkit Youtube Channel, Viktor is a popular developer advocate passionate about helping you learn the tools and the processes that you should be using and applying in your day-to-day job.

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