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The Crossplane Developer Experience: Your Feedback Requested

The Upbound Product team is exploring how we can improve the development experience for users building things with Crossplane. One of the most powerful capabilities of Crossplane is compositions, a feature that allows you to create a new resource abstraction, exposed as a Kubernetes-style declarative API, for creating one or more resources in an external system. We’ve seen how the Upbound marketplace has been an invaluable reference point for users and Upbound itself helps platform teams operate and scale Crossplane, but an important step in Crossplane remains: authoring compositions!

The PM team is exploring how Upbound can provide tooling to improve this experience. We refer to the Crossplane "developer experience" as the total experience for building, testing, and deploying what you build with Crossplane. If you’ve used Crossplane, or even if you’ve just started your Crossplane journey and you’re coming from traditional Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tooling, we’d like to get your feedback on what you think makes a great developer experience.

We thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. Please go to the Google Forms survey and take 5 minutes to let us know what you think.

On behalf of the Product team,

Craig D Wilhite